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On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 11:52 AM, David Diamond wrote:
For the trainer to wear a blind fold it shows whether the dog is indeed guiding them properly or they are in a sense directing the dog.
David, in that context, it makes perfect sense.  It's a test of both trainer and trainee where one knows the actual end-user of the trainee has no sight.

My central point is that instant, artificial removal of a sense one has generally has little utility as far as "making someone know what it's like" for someone living, long term, with loss (or never having had) that same sense.   It certainly gives a sense, and an accurate one, of what it's like in the early days of someone who finds themselves having lost a sense very suddenly, which can be useful as a teaching tool, but it's a mistake to believe that what you get from the person so artificially deprived is any sense of what it's like to live with something permanent and over the long term.

I have had a number of people argue that I simply cannot know that it is to be a screen reader user unless I blindfold myself.  And my response is I cannot know what it is to be a screen reader user, period.  If I'm blindfolded, I'm instantly deprived of a sense I use to figure out what's happening in my world normally, including at times with a screen reader (I'd say most times, as I use things like Focus Highlight in NVDA and the analog in JAWS).  My normal modus operandi is as a sighted person, and I cannot and will not ever know, in any meaningful sense, what it is to be blind unless I were to become so.  And when I have to operate in an artificial state of sensory deprivation, that's not representative of "normal life" for those who are constantly in that state in any way.  The degree of frustration and panic may be representative of "a stage," but not of long term living, and that stage is far more fraught than what develops after compensatory skills are developed.

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