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Laura Shumate

I don't see a problem I think teaching the sighted about Access
Technology is a cool thing.
I even had my dad who is sighted use Talk Back on his phone but he
said after a day he wanted no more to do with it.
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On 1/27/21, Glenn / Lenny <> wrote:
I would make a different point about wearing blindfolds.
In any situation, but especially the Blind service industry, the blindfolds
typically are not worn for empathy, they actually are or should be worn so
the wearer can learn non-visual skills, independent of sight.
If a sighted person is going to be teaching Blindness skills, then that
person needs to have confidence in the skills being taught.
Also, as far as being on a Jaws or any other list oriented to those who use
the associated products, it could be anyone, like the guy or gal down the
street who does not even use the product. As far as rules go, although one
could discriminate against the sighted, there would be no way to police it.
And really, who cares who joins any list, as long as they aren't a problem
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Yes, AT instructors have to spend a week or two blindfolded so they can
empathize and understand what it is really like. without doing this they
aren't able to really understand what it is like for us.

On 1/27/2021 5:44 PM, David Diamond wrote:

I agree with Brian. At one of the guide dog schools, one of the days all
students have to wear a blind fold or night shade from after Breakfast to
supper. This is generally a total of 8 hours. Point? So they rely on
their guide dogs instead of their sight. Tie in? How will the sighted know
about the problems the VI sector have if they are not aware of them. It
drove me nuts when someone on the Microsoft disability help desk told me to
click on the yellow X. Darling, if I could see it I would not be calling
your department.

From: <> On Behalf Of Brian Vogel
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Well, unless there's some rule banning the sighted (in which case I should
have been gone, long ago), I can't see this as a problem.

I think it's an excellent idea for sighted individuals working in the VI
sphere to join and learn from the groups related to same.

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