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the first says "in dash". by line, word and letter. and the second doesn't say anything other than the two words by line and dash by word or letter. I wonder why it is adding the "N" sound to the dash in my setup. It is a distinct N sound not an on sound.

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Kevin,  Your first example does indeed say “On dash” when reading letter by letter, but doesn’t say anything when reading by line.  The second example just says “Dash” when reading letter by letter and nothing when reading line by line.  I am using JAWS 21.  I have noticed this in earlier versions of JAWS as well.
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I’m using Windows10 , Jaws2021 and Outlook2021 most recent versions.

Since the most recent update with Jaws2021 I will use a hyphen and when it is between two letters with a space between it sounds like is saying on. I then delete it and it then says dash.

Here is an example:

Hello – goodbye

Does this say on between the words? Has anyone encountered this issue?

Below is an example when I type the same as above, then delete the hyphen and type it back in.

Hello - goodbye!




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