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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

It is saying “m dash” because a hyphen with a space on each side is an “M dash” WHICH MEANS THE SHORT DASH.

If it were a long dash, it would say “N dash.”

So, Jaws is accurately reporting the punctuation name.

A hyphen, in strict terms, is used to join two words together, so if you write hello-goodbye  with no spaces jaws, like most screen readers says “dash” when it really should say “hyphen”.

Dashes are used to separate words kind of like parenthesis.

A lot of authors seems to be using dashes in place of parenthesis, which irritates me, but what is one going to do.

That is why when you split a word with more than one syllable between lines you use a hyphen not a dash because the hyphen denotes that the word is supposed to be joined.

But screen readers are not grammar teachers.







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From: <> On Behalf Of Don Walls
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Subject: Re: Using hyphen


Is it perhaps not saying “on” but the letter “nn (as in Norman).  If you type a hyphen with a space each side of it, that’s what it reads.




From: kevin meyers

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Subject: Using hyphen




I’m using Windows10 , Jaws2021 and Outlook2021 most recent versions.

Since the most recent update with Jaws2021 I will use a hyphen and when it is between two letters with a space between it sounds like is saying on. I then delete it and it then says dash.

Here is an example:

Hello – goodbye

Does this say on between the words? Has anyone encountered this issue?

Below is an example when I type the same as above, then delete the hyphen and type it back in.

Hello - goodbye!




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