moderated Re: Request email id for contacting Vispero

Cohn, Jonathan

Well, it is very hard to tell from the original notes, but if this application is not providing any data to JAWS in standard mode or with touch cursor (press shift-numpad plus) or JAWS cursor. then scripts from Freedom Scientific will not do much good. Unless there are millions of users of this tool, or  if the developer pays for the development of scripts.  Developing scripts for a new complex application can take 100's hours, one essentially has to reverse engineer the way the application talks to Windows and then create new interactions. Not to mention, if the application does not work well with a screen reader than it probably does not work well with other access technologies.
** More details below if interested **   
JAWS uses Microsoft Accessibility API like MSAA and UIA to interpret what the application puts on the screen. If the development environment used by the developer does not support or poorly supports these protocols, or if the vendor creates their own widgets without providing support for these API, or if the program locks out accessibility programs from communicating with it then there is little to nothing that a AT vendor can do.
JAWS scripts are great for making lists that can be seen with API, but are not navigated intuitively be able to be navigated with arrow keys, or with adding ways to jump to a part of the user interface, but if the vendor is expecting that JAWS will talk to the program with a "com" interface and have its own proprietary way of user interface specifically designed for the blind, that would be hard to develop and harder to maintain.

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