moderated Re: Letter G not appearing on the screen with JAWS

turab chimthanawala

Thankyou guys
Bill I didn't find Gaming. I have turned off Game Mode and Xbox Game
bar, but the problem persists.
Pamila and David, this happens quite frequently and hence rebooting or
restarting JAWS would not be a convenient option.
Look forward to other views.

On 1/27/21, Bill White <> wrote:
Hi, Turab. Under Settings>Gaming, try also turning off the Game Bar, which
is the first category of settings under Gaming.

Bill White

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Subject: Letter G not appearing on the screen with JAWS

Hi all,
I am unable to type the letter 'g' while using JAWS 2021. I have to
press windows + g. Only then the problem gets resolved. I have used
default mode in JAWS and also turned off Game mode as per Freedom
Scientific help desk's suggestions to no avail.
Humbly request solutions as this is quite irritating.

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