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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Jeff,
I switch between Windows and Linux.
I mostly use Jaws, but NVDA works better in SSH windows, but that may not be the case in windows 10 with its built-in SSH capability.
I use Ubuntu-Mate with the Orca screenreader, and you can get Voxin for about 10 dollars that is the IBM and makes Orca sound like Jaws.
I like running it in a virtual install of Linux so I can switch back and forth with key toggles.
I use VmWare player to run Linux inside Windows.
I recommend 8GB of RAM as a minimum as you will want to dedicate half your RAM to the Linux, although Linux is more forgiving to low RAM than Windows is.

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Subject: Question regarding Lennox and Giles users

Hello list, I have been exploring some programming languages and website design. I purchased a couple packages through gadget hacks I recommend that so Harley for very technical skills and very inexpensive prices. My question is do any of you on this list use jaws and Lennox together how accessible is that set up any chips recommend recommendations or suggestions just in the exploration stage thank you Jeff

Thanks,Jeff Lukacsena

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