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Mike B.

Hi Stan,
see if the tutorial below will help:
From: Jim Flusche
Windows defender security center.
** Now shortened to just Windows security in the W2004update.
This file is updated to the W2004 update. 
* The security of your computer is the most important program on your computer!
*How to use the Windows security program on your computer?
*Tip, pin the Windows security program to the Taskbar.
How do I do that?
Press the windows key, followed by the down arrow, you land in the All Apps list box.
Press the letter W, down arrow and highlight, windows  security .
Press the applications key, arrow down to more sub menu, right arrow to, pin to Taskbar, press enter.
Now the Windows  security program is pinned to the Taskbar, you can skip going directly through the settings area and all the below steps to get to it.
*Tip, after pinning it to the taskbar, just press windows key+T, type the letter W, until you hear Windows security, press the Enter key to open it.
*Tip, how to go through the settings area to find the Windows security program.
Press Windows key+I, you will land in the settings area search edit box, Tab one time.
Either press the Right arrow key, or just press the End key to, Update and security, press the spacebar, Tab one time.
Down arrow two times to, Windows security , press the spacebar.
Tab one time to, open Windows security, Press the Spacebar.
*tip, If you have a new computer, you might hear, use Windows security instead.
*tip, After you open the Windows security program.
On my computer I hear, Virus & threat protectionNo action needed, 1 of 7.
** Now with Jaws 2020 I need to Press the Down arrow many times and then I Press the up arrow to see all the catigories under Windows Security.
Now Arrow up to Virus & threat protection, you will now hear, 2 of 8, instead of 1 of 7.
Press Enter on, Virus & threat protection, my computer says, No threats found, Quick scan Button, Press Enter on quick scan button to start your own  scan
on your computer.
When the scan was finished   I herd a chime followed by, a New notification from Windows Security, Windows Defender scan results, Microsoft Defender Antivirus
scanned your device at 6:10:44 PM on ‎7/‎1/‎2020. No new threats were found.
*tip, During the scan I Pressed numpad minus followed by Page up a few times, followed by the down arrow to read the progress of the running  scan.‑
If you miss the audio notice message, press Windows key+A, down arrow one time, and listen to the action center items, windows security notices should
be the first item.
Now to do a full scan, follow the above directions to the quick scan button, this time tab one more time to, Scan options Link, press the spacebar.
You land on,  Allowed threats link, Tab to full scan radio button, checked, Tab one time to, Custom scan radio button not checked, Or tab one more time
to Windows Defender Offline scan radio button not checked.
Now after what ever radio button you choose, Tab to, the scan now button, press the spacebar.
*Tip, if you choose the off line scan, you will hear, save your work, or you may only hear scan now, press the Scan now button again, you will get the
users account notification.
Tab to yes, press the enter key.
You will hear, signing out, now your computer will begin the restart process while Windows Security does an off line scan.
Windows Security will scan your computer during the restart process, when you hear the password or the pin edit box, Windows Security has finished the
off line scan.
*tip After you enter your pin or password, the Windows Security window may come up instead of your desktop.
When you press enter on the windows security program pinned to the Taskbar, or use it's shortcut windows key+number row position pinned to the Taskbar.
In my case, press Windows key+6, will open the windows  security program, you get to skip all the steps in the settings area of W-10 on getting to the
Windows  security program.
*How to check the Device performance & health of your computer.
Go to Windows  Security.
Press the spacebar or enter key on, Device performance & health.
Wait for a few minutes.
Now either Press the Down arrow, or Tab a few times to, Health report List box.
You should hear, Health report List box, Windows UpdateNo issues, 1 of 3
Down arrow one time, you should hear, Storage capacityNo issues.
Down arrow again, you should hear, Device driverNo issues.
* In my opinion the built-in Windows Security program from Microsoft is all you need to keep your computer safe, but if you wish to spend unnecessary money
for another anti-virous program, then go ahead! 
The Windows Security program is much easier to use, then it is on trying to explain in a short text file, on how to use the Windows Security program.
Well I did my best, I hope I was still able to help some of you, on learning about using the Windows Security program on your computer.
* Important,remember The security of your computer is the most important program on your computer!
Sincerely: Jim Flusche. 

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I am rid of McAfee and am now relying on Defender. I have jaws 2021 and windows 10 ver 20h2.


Wher can I learn more about Defender? How do I manually request a quick scan, for instance? A little help to get me started will l be appreciated.





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