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Adrian Spratt

Hi. Others have given you Vispero's contact information. I'd like to suggest that you continue urging Tally to conform its software to accessibility standards. Vispero can't possibly keep up with every application that presents accessibility problems. The burden is really on the company's programmers and web designers to ensure their product meets these standards.

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Dear List Members,

I use an accounting software named "Tally" as part of my job. In November 2020, Tally released an upgraded version named "Tally Prime"
which is completely inaccessible with JAWS. I had communicated to the Tally developers about the inaccessibility of their new version but they have asked me to ask the screenreader developers to make their product accessible.

So, I request the email id for contacting Vispero to seek their assistance in making Tally Prime accessible with JAWS.

Thanking you all in advance for any & all assistance.

Mr. Sameer Latey

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