moderated 2021 and Tables

Morey Worthington

Hi all.

Using Jaws 2021 newest bill as of the one this week.

It was supposed to fix some things in the Tables recognition and it sure made a mess of them, at least on my computer. I am using W10 H2. If I go to a site that has a table in it, Jaws reads all of the cells in a single sentence As an example before it read:




doing this in a column view.

Now it says"


straight across the board.

I have gone into the quick settings for that site , a Chrome site, and tried changing the 3 settings in the  Table menu with no change. I unloaded version 2021 and went back to 2020 and all was well in there.

Came back to 2021 and was back to being messed up.

Has anybody else had this issue,  or if you have, any input on how to get it to work properly?


Morey Worthington

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