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Mike B.

Hi Andrew,
Yes, it did, and does.  Did you try changing your punctuation settings at all to see if it would help?  If this doesn't help try changing the speech and sound scheme for the application.  The keystroke to access the list of speech and sound schemes is,
 Jaws key, alt + S.
This will take some experimentation and I do understand what you are wanting, but what you want and what Jaws settings can provide or, lack thereof as far as settings go is all we have to work with unless other scripts are written for the type of reading you desire.
If you find a speech and sound scheme that is pretty close to what you want you could possibly modify the sound scheme to do exactly what you are wanting but again, this will also take some, and maybe a lot of experimentation.  If you do decide to modify a speech and sound scheme keep track of the defaultnames / titles  because if you create / modify a default it will call it modified and if it's done more than once it'll a add a number as well.
Example:  default scheme name, Classic, and after being modified, Classic modified  or  Classic modified 2...

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Hello Mike. Thanks for taking the time to answer the question. I'm sorry I didn't make it clear. When I say reading by word, I mean reviewing the document left to right by word, insert right arrow for each word. Reviewing the document that way, in certain applications, punctuation is included with each word, but other times it is treated as another word, so I have to press the keystroke twice or three times to get past some heavy areas of punctuation.
Does that clarify my problem?

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