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Yes, Me too.

sorry Glen. You are correct and as often is the case MS changes things and takes away your choices... in that you can no longer get the .ISO directly from the ms site if you are running windows. You can use developer tools to spoof a non windows browser and they will show up. or use a non windows machine or a 3rd party download site or use Rufus to get it.

I imagine this is to reduce tech support costs...

On 1/23/2021 3:41 PM, Brian          wrote:

On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 02:18 PM, Randy Barnett wrote:
But you can download the iso directly from Microsoft you don't have to use the media creation tool
You are correct on this, too, but I personally use the MCT because it can (and often does) build an ISO file that is more recent as far as the patches that have been applied than the static ones you can download.  It also doesn't really take any additional time of significance and is, for many, quite a bit more user friendly.  

But no matter what, you can download the Windows 10 ISO under Windows (any Windows).  Even Rufus now has a feature allowing the end user to download the ISO for any version of Windows 10, including ancient ones.  

How to download Windows 10 ISO using Rufus


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