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On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 12:15 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
I found that the only way to get the ISO from Microsoft's site is to go to the download site with an operating system other than windows, otherwise you only get the stub installer, because Microsoft detects your operating system and won't give you the ISO option if you are already using Windows.
That is absolutely incorrect.  The Media Creation Tool (MCT) provided by Microsoft always gives you the option to create media for use on another computer, and when selected that will cause the ISO that is the current one to be downloaded.

I've posted these instructions many times, and the first covers getting the ISO file using the MCT while the second covers using the MCT to create a bootable USB drive with the Windows 10 install media on it:

Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows 10 ISO file

Doing a Completely Clean (Re)install of Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool to Create Bootable Win10 Install Media on a USB Thumb Drive

and if you happen to have fetched the ISO file using the first set of instructions, there is no need to re-fetch it using the second.  You can simply burn it to bootable USB media using Rufus or a similar utility.

One never needs to use a different OS to fetch a Windows 10 ISO unless one has a dead machine.

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