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Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hi Kevin/all,

In the old days of kindle, when it was jaws17-18 I think, I experienced this and if I remember well, the way I went through this was by using the right arrow and then going back, or using down arrow for a few lines and again going back. Then it all reverted to normal, until my good dell was destroyed by lighting on the 7th of December. I hastily purchased a new one, good but not that good, they have installed windows home, I have jaws 2021 and I am totally unable to read my kindle stuff in braille, nor does it speak and I am still left in the dark as to what I could do.

                                                                Hope this helps,



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Subject: Text not showing up in Kindle book



I’m using the most recent version of Windows10 and Jaws2020. I have purchased many Kindle books from Amazon. I had to get the application for my laptop the other day. The one book I purchased I was able to read the first page or two. Then the screen goes blank. I will page down for many pages and then page back up. Eventually the text shows up. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to correct? I don’t think there is an image for 20 or 30 pages.




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