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Rick Miller

Someone also made another suggestion which I tried and found it works--go to the Chat windows where the messages are, select all (control+a), copy to Clipboard, open Notepad, then paste and then save. I like this way best.

Rick Miller

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the speech history feature in JAWS can also be used to copy the address.
press insert+spacebar and then h, which lists the last 50 items that
JAWS has spoken. navigate the virtual window with standard cursor
navigation keystrokes, select, copy and paste the information where ever
you want.

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Subject: Can You Copy Text from a Zoom Chat?
Virtualize the cursor with insert alt 2.

You can copy everything then.

Use escape to get out of the virtualized window when you are ready too.

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*Subject:* Can You Copy Text from a Zoom Chat?

Dear Listers:

When you are taking part in a Zoom meeting and somebody sends you a link
to a podcast or a website in the Zoom Chat, is there a way using JAWS
that you can copy that link for use later on?

Rick Miller

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