moderated I am totally embarrassed with my last email. I apologize. My computer will not update and can't install any programs on it now, including jaws versions 2019 through 2021.

Jim Rawls

Hi all, I have been with the Microsoft desk five different times on this, and they finally told me that they couldn’t help me. They think I have a hard ware issue. I have been trying to get this computer to update all the windows update for month’s .now, and it just won’t update. I have jaws 2018 on it, but it is only part of the program. For example I have jaws 18 Om my desk top. When I hit enter on it, it doesn’t go to options, basic, etc. it opens to jaws, roaming, settings. I have a disc here with jaws 2018 on it, and it tries to install, but the install fails at   50%. I tried to install versions 19 through 2021 and they all failed at 50%.This computer used to be wonderful. I haven’t a clue as to what has happened to titlist there any way I can reset the computer, and get a   fresh start with it? How could I do that and keep the programs I have? Is there anything I can do? This is an ASUS computer, 3 years old? Thanks for putting up with my earlier emails. Jim.



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