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Richard B. McDonald

Hi William!


As someone else said, there are no scripts for the app.  To be clear, it is the Windows desktop app that we are talking about.  Without going into the details, it is the best of the various app versions (e.g., Android, IOS, web, Fire TV, etc.) to be scripted.  I have both written to and spoken with Amazon about the app’s woefully inaccessible nature, for whatever that’s worth.  I have zero expectation that they will do anything about it.


I have promoted on both this list and the “JAWS Scripts” list the idea of a crowd effort to script the app.  Sadly, there does not seem much interest.





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Is there a jaws script for the amazon music app for pc?

If so, can someone please post a link to download it.



William Vandervest


Win10 latest revision


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