moderated Re: question on output ona Focus 40 Braille Display

Cohn, Jonathan

The grade and language of Braille is controlled by the screen reader. In JAWS open options braille and set it there. In NVDA there is a braille area in the settings dialog. 
MAKE sure to look at both input and output settings.

On Jan 21, 2021, at 9:18 PM, Jeff Lukacsena <jlukacsena@...> wrote:

Hello List,

I am running the newest version of Jaws 2021.527

I have a Focus 40 Braille display on a Windows 10 laptop.

Does anyone know how to switch the Braille output on the display from grade 1 Braille to grade 2 Braille?


Jeff Lukacsena,

Pittsburgh, PA

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