moderated Re: J2021.2012.57.400-any installation problems & questions!

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 01:09 PM 1/21/2021, Shan Noyes wrote:
First I've reached out to Vispero support and asked my questions.
Unfortunately am attending a summit so can't place a phone call to
them til Monday.
Has anyone experienced problems with the J2021.2012.57.400-any that
was published Tuesday?
I grabbed it yesterday and installed it last night. I had the early
January jaws 2021 running successfully on my system.
Anyways, after installing it I rebooted and now jaws2021 will not run.
So I started the J2021.2012.57.400-any again and it immediately said
that it needed to run a repair. So I did. But it comes back
immediately and crashes.
Yes, I'm working on an account that has admin rights on my system.
So looking for things I can do to get the repair working etc. or
things I can try while waiting for Monday so I can talk to Vispero support.
This happened to me when I grabbed that build. Yes, there are things you can try, but none are easy or pretty. First, try to uninstall all the dozen Freedom Scientific components via Add/Remove Programs, Apps and Features or a third-party app such as CCleaner. If you get errors, download Microsoft's Program Install/Uninstall troubleshooter. When you run it, select advanced mode and check the automatic repairs check box. Then, select Uninstall rather than Install, although this doesn't matter because you'll be presented with the same applications list. When the list populates, use first-letter navigation to locate the first Freedom Scientific, then select Try Uninstall. This can unfortunately only be done one application or component at a time because the troubleshooter closes after it tries to uninstall whatever you've chosen. So, keep a File explorer window open with the executable because you'll be running the same sequence around a dozen times.
This will hopefully go off without removal errors. when all the Freedom Scientific Components are uninstalled, reboot, then manually delete all Freedom Scientific directories everywhere except your user profile, Appdata, Roaming. This includes Program Files, Program Files (x86) and Program Data. Then, run Regedit and search either for Freedom Scientific or JAWS and remove all the major keys under Software for User and Local Machine. Then, keep searching and remove all entries that include Freedom Scientific or JAWS.
Finally, uninstall all the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime executables using Add/Remove programs in the control panel. Microsoft makes a command-line utility that will do this, but it then tries to reinstall all 18 components, which, in this case, defeats the purpose. They must be uninstalled so that JAWS doesn't find them when attempting to install. Those components are the likeliest source of your repair and installation errors.
Like I said, none of this is pretty. If you follow all these directions and call Vispero tech support, they'll likely tell you that you've done your entire due diligence and there's nothing left to do but escalate your case. You may then get a return call from a certain person on the escalation team who will chastise you for having "messed around" with registry settings rather than just call them. ignore this. Hopefully, at the end of this arduous journey, you'll get the new JAWS build installed without having to torture yourself with Vispero tech support. There is absolutely no need for Vispero's products to require such intensive troubleshooting to install or uninstall builds. Their tech support are poorly trained in dealing with this problem and their development team obviously hasn't considered it enough of a priority to fix the problems once and for all.
All the above procedures are necessary because the Freedom Scientific components are incorrectly removed and updated when you install the new build over your existing installation. Even though this is happening to hundreds or thousands of users, Vispero claims it cannot reproduce the problem. Well, we've been reproducing it around the globe.
Anyway, do let me know how you get on. Rest assured, there's light at the end of this tunnel. the latest build is very snappy and more responsive than the previous 2021 releases, so it's worth some trouble.
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