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Mike B.

Hi Andrew,
This can be changed in Quick Settings of an application, Jaws key + V, or in the, Settings Center default all applications, Jaws key + 6, then, control, shift + D.
In the search field type, punctuation, and when  the results populate you want, Punctuation Level.
Press the spacebar on the Punctuation level to toggle through your options and for what you're looking for you want to stop when you hear Jaws report, All.
In Quick settings after making the change tab to Okay and press enter to save / close.
In the Settings Center after making the change tab to apply press the spacebar and tab to okay and press enter to save / close.
A hotkey can be assigned to toggle the punctuation settings on the fly, if you're interested.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2021 11:02 AM
Subject: punctuation when reading by word

What do I need to adjust, either in Jaws or other programs, to have Jaws read each word with its punctuation included?
If I type the following in Notepad:
We went to Washington, D. C. yesterday, and all was well.
When I read through the sentence by word, the commas and periods are treated as part of each word. This is what I want all the time.
If I write that same message in Microsoft Word, Jaws treats the punctuation as separate words when reading word by word.
In Ted Notepad, where I really want to work, the problem gets worse when writing out words with apostrophes followed by commas. Then you have to deal with three stops when reviewing by word. This makes it especially hard when writing any kind of code, because Jaws stops at every parenthesis and bracket.
Can someone help?

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