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Mike B.

Do you have an earlier version of Jaws like Jaws2020 installed on your computer?  If so, try removing J2021 and reinstalling to see if that'll work.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Subject: J2021.2012.57.400-any installation problems & questions!

Hi all!


First I’ve reached out to Vispero support and asked my questions.  Unfortunately am attending a summit so can’t place a phone call to them til Monday.


Has anyone experienced problems with the J2021.2012.57.400-any that was published Tuesday?


I grabbed it yesterday and installed it last night.  I had the early January jaws 2021 running successfully on my system.


Anyways, after installing it I rebooted and now jaws2021 will not run.  So I started the J2021.2012.57.400-any again and it immediately said that it needed to run a repair.  So I did. But it comes back immediately and crashes.


Yes, I’m working on an account that has admin rights on my system.


So looking for things I can do to get the repair working etc. or things I can try while waiting for Monday so I can talk to Vispero support.


My work station is windows 10 19.09 patched up to date. Reason for older windows 10 build is corporate company requirements.


Thanks all for your suggestions.


Have a good day.




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