moderated Re: I can't get jaws 19 or 20 to install.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 06:43 PM 1/19/2021, Jim Rawls wrote:
I am running windows tem and have jaws 18 on the computer. I tried
installing 19 and 20 from the Internet, and also tried the off line
installers for both and got nowhere. The installer would fail at 50%. Any
ideas on how to fix this?

I've encountered this problem with every JAWS build since 2018. The simplest solution to try first is to use Apps and Features or CCleaner to remove all Freedom Scientific components. If that doesn't work, download Microsoft's Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter. This is a utility that attempts to uninstall applications by removing their registry entries. Once you run the utility, select Advanced mode, leave the box checked to run in administrator mode, press enter, select Uninstall, wait for the list of applications to populate and use first-letter navigation to select the first of a dozen Freedom Scientific components. Tab to Try Uninstall and wait a few minutes. Once the component has been removed, the utility will prompt you to close it. Sadly, there's no way to select multiple applications/components or to continue using the same instance of this utility, so you must repeat the entire process for each component. Some of the Freedom Scientific components will require a reboot, but you can uninstall them all, then reboot once at the end.
Once all those components have been removed, navigate in the control panel to Add/Remove programs and remove all instances of the Microsoft C++Redistributable components. There will be components by year, sometimes going back as far as 2008. Microsoft also makes a command-line utility that uninstalls and reinstalls them all. This is apparently necessary because when JAWS installs, it also installs these components, so they must be gone before the JAWS install starts, else it will fail.
Hopefully, these solutions have worked; attempt to reinstall JAWS after removing each set of components. But, the ultimate solution is not pretty. First, manually delete all Freedom Scientific directories from Program Files, Program files (X86) and Program Data. Then, open Regedit and search for Freedom Scientific or JAWS. Delete all the registry keys. After that, Regedit will keep searching the registry for a long time, but don't be discouraged. You will then begin to see other Freedom Scientific entries. Some will appear in the value pane. When they do, shift+tab to the tree view and remove their corresponding keys.
All this is necessary because JAWS often does not install or uninstall properly, so it can't be reinstalled.
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