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On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 12:08 PM, Mike B wrote:
Yes, you can add or remove different items
Good to know, as I'd never tweaked these.

That being said, the steps you gave all the way up through getting the context menu expanded and checking/unchecking items in the status bar display list are all MS-Word native commands.

I say this because, in my opinion and experience, it is critical for any computer user to know "what controls what."  And the commands used to do this status bar tweaking work whether or not a screen reader is involved in any way.

Obviously, the JAWS+PageDown command is a screen reader command that is processed by the screen reader unless you were to use pass through, in which case it scrolls approximately half a page at a time (presuming JAWS=Insert, which I will) as a native Word command.

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