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Tom Behler

Thanks, Brian.


I’ll keep this shortcut suggestion in mind.


Tom Behler



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Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2021 11:29 AM
Subject: Re: Interesting Microsoft Word Issue



         Presuming that INS+NumPad 3 used to invoke the MS-Word Word Count dialog, you could just use the Word shortcut ALT+R,W.

         If it didn't, I can't be of much help.  I know that sometimes JAWS does its own custom thing through scripting that makes information more easily accessible, and if that's the case you were probably not getting the MS-Word Word Count dialog.  But they also have had the habit, on occasion, of introducing a JAWS shortcut that is just an alternate way of invoking a native shortcut, and I hate that because it's generally unnecessary and the JAWS shortcut often saves zero, or sometimes one, keystroke over the native program command.


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