moderated Re: Interesting Microsoft Word Issue

Marie <>

Ctrl Home takes you to the top of the documentnot the end.

From: Tom Behler
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2021 6:41 AM
To: jfw list
Subject: Interesting Microsoft Word Issue



I’ve just noticed that after hitting control home to get to the bottom of a Microsoft Word file, and then hitting insert numpad 3,  I can no longer get information about the file, such as number of pages, etc..


When I do this, I now hear focus, zoom in, zoom out, zoom 100%..


Does anyone know what might have changed here, and how I can get my original document file information back?


I’m using Jaws 2021, Windows 10, and Office 365 here.


I wonder if this is the result of yet another Microsoft 365 update?


Thank you!


Tom Behler




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