moderated Re: SPSS Statistics 27


Joyce, a link and excerpt from an interview with Glen Gordon on FSCast follows. Might that be what you are referring to? I wonder if there's a way to connect with Glen to find out if there's been some progress?

FSCast #180 FSOpenLine, Feb 2020

“GLEN: Well, I can actually speak to this because I’ve been interacting with someone about SPSS.  And the picture unfortunately is not terribly pretty at the moment.  If you run SPSS, you will notice that it appears to be extremely accessible.  And I in fact went through those steps myself until you realize that you can’t actually read the output.

So SPSS is statistical software.  And, you know, you’ll enter samples, and you can run all sorts of statistics on them.  And typically you’ll get the output in tables.  The program is very accessible until you get to the output, in which case it’s not accessible at all.  And we’ve tried to interact with IBM, who are the developers of SPSS now, and haven’t been able to get a lot of traction on making it more accessible.”

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