moderated Removing font changes word JAWS2021


I am using word office365 version 16.0.13530.20368 with JAWS2021
latest installed on my computer and today I was trying to remove some
italics in a document I was working with.

I was told that I could go into the find and replace dialog with
control h find the more button and tab to the format menu or press alt
with o and choose the font option but when I try to access this menu
JAWS does not seem to be able to access it to choose a font.
Does anyone know of a workaround or solution to this rather than
clearing formatting entirely?
I know that one can also remove these style changes manually but since
there are many places where this occurs in the document, I'd like to
have the ability to use the find and replace option.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

Shai Wolman
Wolman technologies
Providing training to children and adults that empowers them to be
productive and successful with their assistive technology/computing

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