moderated Re: JAWS and Blackboard follow-up

Richard Turner

Have you considered contacting the American Council of the Blind and the National Federation of the Blind to get help pressuring them to fix the issues? Also, filing an ADA complaint? 
Since universities usually receive federal funds, they are supposed to make sure all services are accessible. 
I'd even consider contacting your Congress representatives and senators. If anyone of them would just contact Blackboard,  that might be enough to get them moving. 


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On Jan 20, 2021, at 4:45 PM, HH. Smith Jr. <josham129@...> wrote:

In speaking with disabilities services at my university, I was told to refer all my accessibility issues directly with Blackboard. She told complaining to the university is not getting any where. They need to be bombarded with complaints from the actual users. The complaint ticket that I submitted months ago through the university fizzled. Another ticket was opened again recently at my university by another student, but I am sure that will fizzle also. Single complaints from a school here, a school there is not currently working. Some how a conglomerate effort to get them to change their platform or revert it back to the pre-summer build is what needs to happen.

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