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Joyce Feinberg

If you know how to move a message, you should be able to mark the items not as spam. In the same context menu as move, you will find some thing labeled junk (I apologize that I do not know the shortcut keys). Once you highlight junk press enter. I believe four options will appear and what you want is to select never block sender‘s domain. A dialog box will appear and all you will need to do is tap through it until you select OK. At that point all groups that I owe should stay in your inbox instead of going to the junk email folder.
The other issue could be your own Internet service provider. I have an old Hotmail style email address and it will not except most groups that I owe addresses. Even if I do the above procedure, it still will not except new emails. As a result, I created another email address and most groups that I owe messages I receive go to that email without any issues.

On Jan 19, 2021, at 8:53 PM, Maria Reyes <> wrote:

Do you do that by moving the messages into your inbox? That's what I've been doing.

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Hi, I don't believe that this can be a Jaws problem. Normally you have to go into the email service and mark them not a spam. This can be done on the iPhone very easy. And I believe in outlook easy as well. I haven't done it on outlook.
On Jan 19, 2021, at 1:36 PM, Maria Reyes <> wrote:

Hi. I don't know if this depends on the email service I'm using but how do I keep emails from my groups from going into my spam? I'm using the outlook program.

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