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Jim Pursley <jim.goodgaia@...>

One desktop short cutfor all of your email accounts in Outlook, asBrian
noted. Did you find a fast and simple way to toggle between accounts? Note
that each email account is level zero in a tree. Hitting control Y gets you
to the folder tree list. Just arrow up to your current email account (at
the top of the tree) and hit your left arro until it is at level zero and
closed. Then arrow up or down to find the account you want and hit enter.
Voila - the new in box shows up.

I find this method preferable to going to the menus.

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Hi all,
I know that I can change the email that messages are sent too, but
I'm wondering, can I have my gmail account and my mts account within the
same Outlook shortcut on my desktop, or will I have to create a new Outlook
shortcut for my gmail inbox? I hope this question makes se, sorry if it
doesn't. I'm using Outlook 365, the latest Jaws 2021 and Windows 10 version
2004. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!!!

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