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Terrie Terlau

I turn on every possible Jaws indicator  for Word, the Word processor that I use. I have capitals noted by pitch change in letters, words, and Say All. I have indentations, styles, font, font characteristics, and Grammar and Spell check on as well. I would go through all the Word settings and set them so that Jaws tells you everything possible about the format.

After you note down all the requirements of the journal to which you are sending the article, create headings/styles to match the required type, font, and font face of headings. I don’t recall whether Word has a checker for MLA or APA or whatever other style your journal wants, but if so, try using it. I did my dissertation on an Apple 2C with Prowords  and made the heading levels and styles using Prowords commands. I did my statistics tables this way. It was very tedious but doable.

Hope some of this is helpful. Please let us know what you learn about best Jaws settings as this will probably help lots of us.
Terrie Terlau


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Subject: Academic writing and JAWS


Does anyone have advice on features of Word and JAWS that are helpful with academic writing, such as submitting an article to a journal? I would think Word's style features would help. And I've heard JAWS text analyzer is helpful for proofreading. Thoughts on this? Or perhaps other features to try?

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