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Listing grammatical  errors, Jaws key plus shift plus g.

Listing misspelled words, alt plus shift plus l

These are desktop commands, but they probably work in a laptop layout.

And definitely, since academic papers require citations and references, the speech and sounds scheme feature is very helpful.

If you’re not acquainted  with such a feature, you can google it, and you will find the Freedom Scientific section that explains how this feature works.

As for unity and coherence, there is not such an advanced technological tool that can help you with that other than revising and editing over and over.


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Subject: Academic writing and JAWS


Does anyone have advice on features of Word and JAWS that are helpful with academic writing, such as submitting an article to a journal? I would think Word's style features would help. And I've heard JAWS text analyzer is helpful for proofreading. Thoughts on this? Or perhaps other features to try?

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