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Shirley Tracy

Hi Bill. Thanks but I did have a sighted person who looked and found nothing that JAWS can read. Pat (on this list) gave me a great suggestion about downloading the drivers directly instead of using the HP Smart which does it all for you. This way, some of the older drivers also load in—and Open Book is a bit older. Since I’m using Open Book, that will fix the scan problem. I can always get it to print with control P.


I have to wait until my son can come back and do it for me, since I’m tech illiterate. It will be very soon, I hope.



Shirley Tracy


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What operating system are you using you should be able to go into your printer and devices and find some settings in there to scan can you get somebody to visually look at it for you to just make sure that it if you use the touchscreen it would do the functions that you were trying to use

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Hi group,


I just purchased the Office Jet Pro 9015EHp 3-in-1 and the sales person told me that although I cannot use the touch screen, I would be able to use my computer keyboard to access “print”, “scan”, etc. I cannot—unless we did something wrong when installing. Do any of you have this printer?


Also, I can’t get it to work with Open Book. For another list? Anyone know how to contact that list?


I’m about ready to send it back.

Shirley Tracy





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