Moderated Changes to MS Word Menus

Brenda Emerson-Alford

Hello Listers,

My MS Office updated automatically the other night.  I am currently using Microsoft Word Subscription Version 16.0.13530.20198.  This update has significantly changed how the menus work when saving a document.  Previously I could do an alt F and then hit A to do a save as.  This would bring up a dialogue box in which I could  shift tab twice and get a list of recently used folders from which I could use first letter navigation to get to a folder to open and complete the saving process.  Now when I shift tab twice I get a question about making pinned folders.  If I arrow down that list I can see folders that I have previously used but they are separated by "today", "this week" and "last week".  This same set up occurs when trying to open a document in word.  First letter navigation does not work in this configuration.  I am guessing that some view or feature that I normally use has been changed in the update.  Any ideas about what I need to do to get back to just having a recent folders or documents list that is not distinguished by today, this week and so on?

Thanks for any and all assistance.


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