Moderated Re: Question On Importing Internet Explorer Favorites Into Google Chrome

Edward Green

Hi David/all,

Until Microsoft does this though, presumably there's no reason why VFO couldn't create a script to bring up a list of favourites as they do links, headings etc.

What are we paying all that money for, after all,



On 16 Jan 2021, at 17:10, David Kingsbury <davidkingsbury77@...> wrote:

Hi Tom,


Let me chime in to agree with others on a strong preference for continuing to use the IE favorites rather than the clunky bookmarks in Chrome. One thing to add: when you open something from the Favorites folder, it will open in your default browser, not IE, even though you created them in IE. I very much hope that Microsoft changes its current Edge favorites to using the favorites folder in the user folder soon. Although called favorites in Edge, the whole structure is that of bookmarks in Chrome. If the big selling point of Edge is that it is supposedly part of the Windows operating system, then it should use the Favorites folder in the user folder. Creating favorites is the only thing I still use IE for.



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