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I am perfectly happy to share addresses for other groups on any given group, as there are many times where any one given group may serve as a "feeder" for the other.

That being said, I'm also tired of having to do so, so I will again give the step-by-step directions for any member to find the group email addresses for some random group that they need to search for first.

1. Navigate to the Find a Group Page.

2. Navigate to the Search edit box.  Enter a couple of search terms that narrow things down.  In this case using [Office Accessibility] will work fine.

3. Use the H browsing shortcut to jump from heading to heading.  The first is the search result list name, "Publicly Listed Groups," and all subsequent ones are links to the home page of the group itself.  In this case if the two previously mentioned search terms are used, the list is only one entry long and the link to the home page of that group appears.  Once you've landed on the group you think you might want, activate the link to its home page.

4. On every home page for a group, there is a section called, "Group email addresses," that contains exactly what its name implies.  I use the screen reader search (INS+CTRL+F) to search for subscribe, and land directly on the group's subscribe address, after I've taken the time to look at the group description to make certain it's the one I really want.  Of course, the unsubscribe, post, etc., addresses are all there.

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