Two more Outlook 2010 Questions

Tom Behler

Hi, Folks.

I am still working on various aspects of getting Outlook 2010 up and running with my g-mail account on my Windows 7 laptop here, and have two more quick questions:

1. Where do I go to set Outlook to place new e-mail messages in my in-box immediately as they are received, and how do I get there? Right now, the only way I can get new messages is to totally close the program, and re-open it, at which time new messages come in.


2. How do I access my all-mail file in my g-mail account, and have that folder show up in my list of imap folders under Outlook? I used to do this with Outlook Express on my Windows XP machine, but can't find where or how to do this in Outlook 2010.

As always, thanks for everyone's patience.

Tom Behler from Michigan

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