moderated Listening to text with JAWS and reproducing it simultaneously: 3 specific questions

Rahul Bajaj


I have the following questions:

First, I normally listen to JAWS at 65%. Even after slowing it down,
if I try to listen to the text line-by-line, I find that by the time I
am done reading and have to speak, I am only able to retain 40-50% of
what I have heard. So I end up losing some content.
On the other hand, if I listen to JAWS one word at a time, I find that
I end up being much too slow, such that my speech sounds disjointed
and halting.

Second, I am wondering how your experience differs between verbally
reproducing new content [i.e. material you have never read before]
versus content you are already familiar with.
Put simply, would it pay to familiarize oneself with the content to be
reproduced beforehand?

Third and lastly, can you suggest some pointers for building up one's
capacity, to be able to get better at doing this i.e. listening to
JAWS and speaking out what it is reading at the same time?

Rahul Bajaj
Judicial Law Clerk to Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, Supreme Court of India
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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