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Gerald Levy

I have tried this method, and it doesn't work. 


On 1/14/2021 7:22 PM, Bill White wrote:

Hi, Tom. To move the bookmarks imported from Internet Explorer,


1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus O to open Bookmarks Manager.

3. TAB to the folders list, and open Imported from Internet Explorer.

4. TAB to the list of bookmarks, and select all with CONTROL plus A.

5. Press the Applications key or SHIFT plus F10, and Arrow down to CUT, and press ENTER.

6. Open the folder to which you want to move the bookmarks.

7. Perform a paste operation with CONTROL plus V.


That should move them all at once to the new folder.


Bill White



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Subject: Question On Importing Internet Explorer Favorites Into Google Chrome


Hello again, everyone.


I recently have imported my Internet Explorer favorites into Google Chrome, but currently, they are in a separate list called “imported from Windows Internet Explorer.


How can I migrate this list over to the main bookmarks bar in Google Chrome?


I did this once, but can’t recall how I did it.


I’m using the latest Jaws 2021 update on a Windows 10 PC here.


Thanks for any help.


Tom Behler





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