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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Albert. The settings for Voice Assistant are in JAWS Utilities. So, JAWS key plus J. If you have JAWS in the System Tray, press ENTER on Voice Assistant in Utilities. It is now the first option. Then Arrow down to Settings and press ENTER. Once you use Right Arrow to open Voice Assistant Settings, you will encounter the following options. If you don't have JAWS set to give permission to collect anonymous user data, you will hear the following,


Enable Voice AssistantUnavailable
Only available when Anonymous Usage Data collection is enabled. Press the Talk to JAWS hotkey, the default is Insert Alt Space, to enable Anonymous Usage Data collection and start Voice Assistant. Close and reopen Settings Center to change settings.
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Voice Assistant

Under this option, you will see the following three options,


Listen for wake word Sharky

Enable Voice Assistant sounds ‑
Microphone Input Device


Make sure the first two options are checked.

Make sure the microphone is the one you wish to use for JAWS voice commands.


I didn't need any additional training materials to use Voice Assistant. I just went to JAWS Help, selected JAWS Help Topics, pressed CONTROL plus TAB to get to the index page, typed in Voice Assistant, pressed ENTER, followed by F6. This opens the topic for reading. All the commands for Voice Assistant are listed, including the "wake word" which is Sharky.


Bill White



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Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 11:17 AM
Subject: Question about enabling voice assistant using Jaws 2021.


Good afternoon everyone, 


Could someone please tell me where I should go too find out  how too enable voice assistant?  I’m using jaws 2021 with windows 10 on a laptop computer.  I didn’t  find anything where the setting senter option is, so that’s  why I’m asking this question. I did find something called application settings, but when I went in there, I didn’t see anything about voice assistant.  Also, how would I find the most and latest Jaws   up to date training materials on the Jaws training page, and where do I go too get too the jaws training page.


Thanks in advance, 



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