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dave grossoehme

Thanks for your quick response. However, when I'm at the field with
shift+f10 I have cut, copy, select all and paste. If I press enter on
select all the cursor is place in the edit field of the incoming message. I
had my sight wife check for this option and she couldn't see it in any of
the options. The applications key doesn't give you this option like many
other mail programs. That's why I'm questioning where this option is
Your Friend Dave

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Try tabbing to the From field, arrowing to the name, and pressing the
Applications key (or shift+f10).

Dave Carlson
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When in Outlook 10 and you are in an incoming message and you wish to add
the name of the person that the message has been sent from, how can this
action be accomplished? I've looked at most of the actions in both ribbons
and don't see how this action can be done. I've also looked at the acctions
spoken when pressing the application key. I'm using windows 7 with the
latest version of Jaws 13.

Your Friend Dave

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