moderated Re: a big big thankyou for all the very helpful replies to my email what is the keystroke to mute and unmute the mike in zoom

Hank William Merchant

Good morning,

I want to say a big, big thankyou to all of the very helpful responses I received to my what plese is the keystroke to mute and unmute your mike in zoom email. All of your wonderful help with this is so very much appreciated! Again much, much thanks for the replies to this curiosity I had with zoom!

Kindest regards,

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the keystroke is actually alt windows s not control.


On 1/11/21, Joe <> wrote:
Depending upon your version of Jaws, press Ctrl + Alt + S to silence
notifications in Zoom.


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Subject: Speech with Zoom

When I'm using JAWS with Zoom so often throughout the meeting it tells me
that someone has left the meeting, someone's bandwidth is low or someone's
microphone is muted, etc. Having these messages go through a Zoom meeting
several dozen or hundred times is just unworkable. Does anyone know if
is anywhere in the settings center I'm missing how to shut these messages
off? I don't want to turn JAWS off to the "Speech on Demand" because I'm
working with a Word document while in the meeting and need JAWS to talk to
me, just without these nonstop notifications.

Thank you!

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