moderated Update on resolved Windows Mail Instability

David Griffith

Dear all,


I copy below the reply from Support which confirmed that the instability occurring between Windows Mail and Jaws which many of us experienced was actually fixed on the Microsoft side.


Hello David:

Thank you for contacting Technical Support. The problem of Windows Mail crashing was actually a problem with the Microsoft code in Windows Mail. The problem has been fixed by Microsoft, so you should not have this problem any longer. 

Please know all email communications in this thread will be automatically added to your case until the issue has been resolved. If you need to contact us by telephone, use the number of 727)803-8600, and please reference this case number so we can better assist you. Otherwise, if you need to contact a local dealer, you can use the following web site to find the contact information for a dealer near you.


Dennis Godin,


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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