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muhammadBilal Arshad

Madison, I also had this issue in the past.
On my machine, Microsoft smartscreen was causing the issue.
During my testing it was revealed that smartscreen using more than 80%
of CPU, of course when cpu was suppose to be idle.
As cpu always on work, so be the fan to cool it down.
I didn't remember how, but I managed to remove this file from my
machine, and problem went away!
You, first of all check the cpu usage by app by going into task
manager (ctrl+shift+esc).
If this is your first time into task manager, than press tab a few
times and press the spacebar on more details button.
After this press the 's' to move to the apps starting wiht s. And
check whether smartscreen is there or not.
If there, check its cpu usage.
And if indeed it causing the problem, than google how to remove this file.
Hope it might help.

On 1/12/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 09:33 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:

Well since windows 7, people only need to put in a blank DVD and use the
applications key while on the file, and go to burn ISO
The issue being that there are way, way, way more actual burn errors with
optical media, which is my central point.  I have had certain machines where
it was a 50/50 shot for any CD/DVD being burned whether it would ultimately
work.  I have not had that experience, ever, with USB media.

Neither way is right or wrong.  I just prefer what's been, in my experience,
more reliable and where the media used can be reused a virtually unlimited
number of times and is way easier to carry around.  When you add the fact
that many newer laptops don't even have an optical drive . . .


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