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Richard Turner

An easier way to change accounts, depending on your setup, is while in the inbox of your main account, press controrol+y then you can either use first letter navigation or arrow down. I have four email accounts, three of which start with the letter r,  so I press control+y and hit r, and the first thing I land on is the RSS folder, so I press r again, and I'm on the next account which says closed. Right arrow to open, then down arrow to inbox and press enter. If you want to leave that account open, repeat control+y and use first letter navigation to get to the next or cycle back to the main account. 
If you want to close that one, after control+y left arrow until it is closed, and then first letter navigation or up arrow, etc. 


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Hi –

An additional (actually precursor) related question – how do I set up an additional account/email address in Outlook?






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Hi I am using Jaws and can’t figure out how to switch between my mail accounts to check mail. Is there a command to do that?

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