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Hi Maria and all,


My response is relevant for Microsoft Outlook in its Microsoft 365 app version. I can’t determine if it will be the same for Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016 or any other.


So, here is how I do it in the Outlook 365 app which is installed on my computer.


First, in the main Outlook window, i.e. the window which is displayed as soon as Outlook is open, and which displays the list of messages for a selected folder, I first ensure that the folders pane is visible.


For this, I press the <alt> key in order to focus on the upper ribbon and then right arrows until “View” is selected.


As soon as I hear “View”, I press the down arrow in order to navigate to the lower ribbon. In this ribbon, I press the <tab> key as many times as needed to hear “Layout submenu”. Then, I press <enter> to open this menu.


The first option should be “Folder pane”. If it is not the case, press the up or down arrow until you hear “Folder pane”.


Then, I press the right arrow and then, I navigate in the “Folder pane” submenu with up or down arrow until I hear “Normal”. If I do not hear “Checked” just after “Normal”, I press the <enter> key to check it. If I hear “Normal checked”, I press the <escape> key in order to avoid unchecking it.


Now, I’m hopefully back to the main window. Then, if you are focused on the messages list, press <ctrl+shift+tab> or <shift+f6> to focus to the folder pane. This is a tree view in which your accounts are at level 0 and their folders are at subsequent levels. In order to switch among your accounts, just navigate in this tree view like you would in any other tree view.


HTH, Have a nice day and happy new year to all. Chris D


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Hi I am using Jaws and can’t figure out how to switch between my mail accounts to check mail. Is there a command to do that?

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