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Maria Reyes

I would recommend you use Google Chrome with Docs, although Edge may work;
I've never tried to use it with Docs, but yes when you go into the document,
make sure that you turn off the virtual cursor by pressing insert Z.

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try insert-z to turn off the virtual cursor.
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I use the most recent version of Windows10 and Jaws2021. I have a url
that takes me specifically to a google doc. Right now my default
browser is MS edge. I couldn't move around at all. I used the jaws
cursor and it showed a control alt z to learn about other key strokes.
I pressed those keys and nothing happened. There was another set of key
strokes of control / and I'm thinking there was another key because
nothing happened when I pressed those keys. I then used the url in
Google Chrome and the same thing happened. Is there a way to get Google
docs to work?



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