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Madison Martin

I think it was new.

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Hi Madison,
I had a friend who had this trouble, and I suspected that he had a virus on his
computer, because I had him boot to a live version of Linux on a thumb drive,
and it did not do that.
He reinstalled Windows and it did not do it again for a while, but he later had
the trouble again.
He eventually gave me the laptop to keep and I upgraded the OS and also
dual-boot to Linux on it, and it has been a good computer for me.
I think he was getting a computer virus that caused his anti-virus program to
run constantly, thus over-working his computer's processor, which made it heat
up and then the fan would run too hard.
If you got the computer new in March, then the fan probably isn't dirty, but if
you got it used, you might need to open the bottom near the fan and blow it out.
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Subject: laptop question

Hi all,
I've had this laptop since March, and I notice that the fan seems to run a lot,
which I assume means that the laptop gets overheated, any idea why this might be
happening? I'm running Windows 10 2004, the latest Jaws 2021, and office 365. My
laptop is a Lenovo think book 13s 20r9005vus

Look forward to any thoughts or help anyone can provide!!!

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