moderated Re: hey moderators -Help Us please RE: And what does this have to do with JFW?


On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 06:16 PM, Maria Reyes wrote:
That's why you hit delete or at the bottom of each email there is a mute this topic link.
But that's really beside the point, and as you well know I am in agreement with you as far as using the mute this topic link.

If you want to communicate with group administration the appropriate way to do that is sending e-mail directly to the owner address.  Every message, including this one (sadly), imposes on the time of each and every member of the group who receives them, even if that's hitting the Delete key or doing a Mute this Topic.

That should be considered before one elects to post anything, ever.  This topic should never have even appeared, but been addressed by the conventional method:  emailing the owner address.

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