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James English

I know that I need to do something because I'm too bored when I
respond to 'test' messages with 'I didn't get that, try resending?'

Then I get a small spark of 'oh it's not that bad' when the person in
question does re-send, and I realise I'm not as bad as that guy.

On 1/11/21, Glenn / Lenny <> wrote:
People cannot help themselves.
They read the messages instead of just deleting them.
It's like a bad vehicle wreck, it's gruesome, but people have to look.
But personally, when it comes to eMails, if I don't like the topic, I delete
But then we get folks straying from the topic and we might miss useful
But some folks are so bored, they have to read everything.
Just like how I get a kick out of seeing a message with the subject
test please ignore
and folks still open the message and reply.

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On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 08:44 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

Where is the list moderator?
I presume where he typically is. To say that this group is very lightly
moderated is an understatement, and that's the prerogative of the Group

For most participants, at the bottom of every single message (or message
snippet in digests) is a Mute this Topic link, which is a feature
offers that most others don't. I suggest people use it. Moderators should
not be called upon to take actions that end users can effect on their own.

Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from (docx)


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